The Revelation part seven: Sardis, dead or alive?

Jesus did so much more than die for my sins. If my understanding of the Gospel stops there, I am missing the point of why Jesus came. He didn’t give His life so I could fulfill my dreams, become a more moral person or live unaffectedly. The cross is a lightning rod of choice…a choice of living or dying…it cries out: ‘come die that you might live.’

The church in Sardis was a church that had a reputation for being a happening place…but even though they seemed successful, Jesus’ diagnosis was that they were dead. Sometimes www think we have it so dialed in that we don’t need anything, and we don’t think that anything bad can happen. We start believing our own press, fall asleep at the wheel and then disaster hits. Jesus definition of an alive church is very different from the definition we have…let’s become a church that makes God smile.

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The Revelation part six: Thyatira, the tolerance test

“Truth cannot be sacrificed at the altar of pretended tolerance…Real tolerance, is deference for all ideas, not indifference to the truth.” – Ravi Zacharias

To the church at Thyatira Jesus said that they were more tolerant than He was…that’s something that got my attention! God loves His church too much to let her slouch her way from His presence.

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The Revelation part four: Smyrna, faithful under pressure.

In part five we delve into the church at Smyrna. This is an amazing church who is faithful when the pressure (thilipsis  gk) is on.  Yeshua (Jesus) is holding His church, walking in the midst of His church, and speaking truth and grace to His church so that we (His church) might reflect His beauty, presence, and glory through lives of compassionate love.

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