The Revelation part one: Unveiling Jesus

I have been excited to start the journey through the book of Revelation. It is the only book in the Bible that comes with the promise of divine blessing for those who read it, hear it and actually do what is revealed.  That is a big promise! Below are downloads for my study notes and small group discussion questions along with a series bumper and live videocast of the talk. I’d love to interact with your comments below as you join me on the journey through the most mysterious book in the Bible: Revelation.

Revelation-1 outline

Revelation-1 JG notes

Revelation Sermon Series Begins 9/21 from Snoqualmie Valley Alliance on Vimeo.

Revelation Week 1 from Snoqualmie Valley Alliance on Vimeo.

There Are No Add-ons!

This Sunday we will launch into our new conversation “Losing My Religion” with a message called “There Are No Add-ons”  In the Bible, the letter to the Hebrews is an incredible, powerful and creative offering helping us see there is a better way.  This weekend we will navigate through the first four verses. In many ways the these verses outline everything else that follows in the letter. So if you are ready to experience God and lose some religious baggage come and join me this Sunday at SVA @ 9 or 11!

here is an outline for Sunday:  conversation one: there-are-no-add-ons

Following The Rabbi journey 11

This weekend we will be journeying through the end of John chapter 6. We will look at Jesus’ first great I Am statement in the book as He says, "I AM the Bread of Life"

There is so much to unpack as Jesus scandalously speaks and many choose to check out, turn back, and go back to their previous lives where God was absent.

This weekend we will chew on God’s Wonderbread, spiritually and literally, so feel free to peruse the outline and get ready for God to speak to your hungry soul.

You can download each page here:

Download rabbi_11.pdf

Download rabbi_11_insidestudent.pdf

The overwhelming heart of love that God has for us is revealed in this chapter, even if it is in a slightly obtuse way…God longs to fill you so that you will never be hungry again.

See ya on Sunday